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  • 3,4-dichloroaniline is a primary aromatic amine. vi


  • 3,4-Dichloroaniline is exclusively used as an intermediate in the chemical industry for production of various herbicides (diuron, linuron, propanil), the bacteriacide trichlorocarbanilide, and an azo dye. vii


  • The main toxic effect of 3,4-dichloroaniline is methaemoglobin formation. 3,4-dichloroaniline has demonstrated moderate acute toxicity for rats after both oral application and inhalation (LD50 values of 530 – 880 mg/kg and LC50 of 3.3 mg/ml/4 hours). viii


  • Taking into account that humans are much more sensitive to methaemoglobin-producing substances than rats, 3,4-dichloroaniline is classified as “T, Toxic” and labelled as “R 23/24/25, toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed” ix

Amaplast® Yellow G6 is the safer alternative

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From page 3 of the SPE CAD Newsletter, Fall 2020


Dyes for Polypropylene

Amaplast® Yellow PP & Amaplast® Orange PP

We are pleased to introduce a new line of proprietary dyes specially formulated for polypropylene applications. Not only are these dyes non-migratory and incredibly heat stable, but they are also bright, clean, and cost effective.


The PP dyes are much stronger than the comparative pigments. But don't just take our word for it, click HERE to view spectral data comparing the relative strengths and cost of Amaplast® Yellow PP and Pigment Yellow 138.


Please contact sales@colorchem.com with questions and sample requests, and stay tuned into ColorChem.com for further updates on our progress.

Amaplast® Yellow PP

Amaplast® Orange PP

Interested in more Cost Savings?

Amaplast® Orange N

ColorChem is offering Amaplast® Orange N as a replacement for Solvent Orange 107.


Amaplast® Orange N is brighter, cleaner, and yellower than Solvent Orange 107. However, Orange N can easily replace Solvent Orange 107 at a significantly lower cost.


Orange N is in stock now!


Please email us for more information

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Amaplast® Orange N

  • Dyestuff Type: Methine
  • CAS Number: Proprietary
  • Lightfastness: Masstone: 7-8; Tint: 5-6
  • Melting Point: 229°C
  • Heat Stability: 370°C for 5 minutes
  • Suitable Resins: ABS, Nylon, PBT, PC, PET, and PMMA
  • Potentially Suitable Resins: Glass-Filled Nylon and PSU
  • Click here for TDS

Solvent Orange 107